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Shopengine translates performance into social value, economic and environmental impact.

We developed a sustainable and lightning fast ecommerce microservice for order processing. To enable websites with a checkout an efficient connection between their payment gateways and ERP-systems.

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ShopEngine is super fast in processing data, reduces at the same time massively the consumption of energy and uses a minimum of the customers data.


Lightning fast response times affects both conversion rate and SEO. Thus, improving it can help increase both total traffic and the conversion rate for a webpage.


For site visitors and customers, our privacy policy assures them that their private data be deleted as soon as possible.


The software product provides its functionality with a minimum of server resources and operational energy requirements.

Your website

ShopEngine Checkout

Order Processing

Focus on one thing

ShopEngine does little. But very efficient.
It provides just the checkout interface.
And the vastly complex order processing between payment and your ERP-System.

Does this sound low to you?

If you use an ERP-System you will never use the warehouse management of your e-commerce platform.
There is no reason for you to keep a big and slow e-commerce system running if you dont need its features.
ShopEngine is an order processing microservice and will connect to your other systems.

What can I do with ShopEngine?

  • Connect with any website via an API.
  • Connect to your own payment provider accounting.
  • Connect to your ERP-System/s.
  • Create and use unlimited discount and voucher codes.

No need for a big e-commerce platform

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